The Burning of Kingston - Burner Battle

Supermoon, Sept. 8th 2014 #supermoon2014 #cortlandt #newyork #lohud

Weight. Weight and responsibility. It has grown over time. I don’t think I understood what it meant when I picked up that damn camera and started taking photos of my friends and family and the full weight of responsibility that I had shouldered. Reconnecting people with their past. Reconnecting with my own. The deep pain that comes with that. Dealing with that impact that it has on those who have chosen to forget, to protect themselves and the result of the reality of the past when it is displayed before them. Horrible feeling to have, because their journey is absolutely, exactly, my own. When I look at them reacting, I can’t help but look at my own life and not feel the exact same thing that they are going through. How can it be any different? They were my friends, my family, and we lived that exact same experience at the same time. We have no secrets among each other. We shared the same pain and joy because we walked the same path. We fought to survive. Each to our own abilities. Outsiders would look at us animals. I would say who is the animal? The caged or those who put us in the cage?

- Ricky Tzu - The Art of Jodón


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Nana Buluku y la Luna


It’s all a matter of perspective

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